‘Worst Is Over,’ Says Analyst Dan Gambardello In Latest Video By CoinEdition


‘Worst Is Over,’ Says Analyst Dan Gambardello In Latest Video
  • Analyst Dan Gambardello says “the worst of crypto is now over.”
  • The analyst refers to earlier data demonstrating BTC is following the same cycle of a bear market.
  • However, Gambardello is concerned that the fear is crossing boundaries.

Crypto YouTuber Dan Gambardello posted a new video titled “CRYPTO ALERT! “Moment of Reckoning” where he said that according to historical data, he can safely assume that along with all the other altcoins have fallen into the bear market bottom range, hence, he predicts that the worst is finally over.

Gambardello pulls up data from 2015 and highlights that the difference between the 2015 bear market low when compared to 2016 Bitcoin halving was 553 days. Meanwhile, the gap between the 2018 bear market low to 2020 BTC halving was 532 days. Currently, in 2022, we stand roughly 519 days from the Bitcoin halving in 2024.

Halving is an event that occurs after every 210,000 blocks are minted usually in four-year intervals, the Bitcoin miners are rewarded with a block that is halved. The YouTuber claims that this time is a “moment of reckoning” that the market must learn from. He shares:

Everything that has happened this year with LUNA, Celsius, FTX, the scams, the ponzis, the overleveraging, we’re feeling the effects of that right now. But there’s a certain line that em …

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