DITOK and Snap Exchange has formally reached a consensus [Signing Memorandum of Understanding]


The short-form video platform DiTok (DiamondTok) has recently expanded its footprint as the rising of the famous SocialFi “Swipe To Earn” concept. It has formed a strategic partnership with Snap Exchange (SnapEx), a leading global trading platform company taking the blockchain product to the next level.

Snap Exchange is a well-known global trading platform, with big projects in countries around the world, ranging from crypto exchange, technology development, blockchain technology etc. Currently, it has more than 30 investment partners, such as Quantech, Gransing Securities Co Limited, L.A.B.S., Kyros Ventures, Wen Chuan Gold and others. Besides, its mobile app SnapEx has more than 100,000 users, its fast and user-friendly interface is widely loved by users of encryption platforms in various countries.

The cooperation with the new short form video platform has provided a unique with great potential by giving value to the users and the market.

There are good reasons for DITOK to become so famous as its biggest advantage is the decentralized blockchain ecology-system. It removes the monopolized threat and centralized revenue system of most traditional platform V users in the past, and creates a more safe, efficient, independent, stable and economical short-form video SocialFi platform. Whether it is the publisher’s click rate conversion, platform advertising revenue, or user swipe and earn, each individual has his own way to earn cryptocurrency as reward, “Participation and make profit”

It is said that through this cooperation, both of the platform users will be the biggest beneficiaries. Users who download and sign up for DITOK will receive a corresponding 10USDT reward of(Transaction fees), which can be used to deduct fees within the SnapEx app. As the first reward prior to using the DITOK “Swipe and Earn” experience.

Snap Exchange will also start to open a SnapEx Official account in DITOK to release information about the encryption platform and its future trends. So as to respond and promote DITOK’s new SocialFi eco-experience and achieve a win-win effect. In addition, the officials also announce that there will be more activities and benefits for both platform users in the future, targeting to promote and popularize this new ecology into everyone’s daily life.

 【SnapEx Official Website】


【 DiamondTok( DITOK) Official Website】


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