Diamondtok integrates SocialFI, all users can share revenues


In recent years, the short video industry is undoubtedly the current tail wind. As of June this year, the number of short video users reached 888 million, the market size is self-evident. Short video has not only become a new way of national entertainment, but also take on more diversified roles such as news, education and learning.

In the second quarter of 2022, Diamondtok (Ditok) started its first journey in Taiwan to launch a new era of short video and made a new intellectual property realization business model.

Diamondtok (Ditok) illustration:

The platform integrates SocialFI, short video, commerce, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence analysis into a large social video and audio platform.

Unlike traditional platforms such as TikTok, Douyin, Xiaohongshu and Youtube, the biggest highlight of Diamondtok is that all users can share revenues with the platform and get rewards through the “Self-media” social mechanism.

In the future, exclusive artist exclusive NFT, physical clubs, etc. will be developed, thus forming a truly valuable and competitive ecosystem of short videos SocialFI(Ditok).

Since June 2022, the company has expanded its business to Southeast Asian countries, attracting online users as well as offline brokerages. In order to improve the ecology, Diamondtok (Ditok) connects with major we-media merchants, accumulates and optimizes the quality of video content to realize knowledge production and cultural communication.

Unlike other short video platforms, Diamondtok (Ditok) allows all users to share revenue with the platform to increase everyone’s passive income. For merchants, not only can absorb more high-quality customers, but also get more intuitive service feedback, so as to put things right.

In the following third quarter, Diamondtok (Ditok) will start its first investment campaign in Vietnam. In addition to docking merchants, download

Diamondtok (Ditok) users receive free discounts and benefits from many local merchants,

Diamondtok (Ditok) also continues to recruit more local influencers.

So far, several well-known local Internet celebrities have joined:


Since the advent of cameras, movies and television, humans have moved into a world centered on vision. We are moving into a whole new society.” This new society is obviously dominated by vision, which is is enveloping human beings and affecting their political, economic and cultural life more and more deeply.

It is understood that many users in Diamondtok (Ditok) have implemented passive income sharing with the platform, and made profits.

Finally, new download users have the opportunity to participate in the activities of obtaining high rewards from Diamondtok (Ditok) for free. Don’t miss this simple and easy passive income!

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